Privacy Policy


We don't care about your data! Any data you submit to us is exclusively used as a means to validate certain critical areas of the site in order to prevent abuse. For instance, we may ask to collect a certain amount of personal data when logging in, entering giveaways or redeeming codes in order to validate that you are the proper owner of the registered account. We aim to insure a smooth means of operating the content hosted on the site, hence we may occasionally ask you for some account related information - but rest assured knowing that none of us take any interest in this data, and this data is not sold, distributed, analyzed or otherwise handled by a first or third party.

We will never ask you for any sensitive information such as your passwords, residence, credit or billing information, relatives or any other information that may intrude or impact your personal privacy and your personal safety.

In case you register an account on the site, we save the following data:

  • Your user account name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your Discord display name and ID (if logging in with Discord)
  • Encrypted, salted version of your password (not applicable in case of Discord authentication)
  • Your IP address
  • Any data you fill in yourself for your user profile
  • Your account preferences
  • System settings associated with your account


We use cookies on this site exclusively to save your session token; allowing us to pipe your user account information to the front-end so that you may interact with the content on this site (leave ratings, send messages, notification indicators, etc).
We do not care about cookies that you may have from other sites, and do not engage in any cross-site tracking using cookies.
We do not use the cookies to track or analyze your activity on this site.
We do not share your cookies with third parties or third party sites.
We do not use your cookies as a means of saving any kind of data on your device(s).


While we respect your well being while browsing our domain, we also ask you to extend us the same courtesy. We ask that you try not to engage in fraudulent or outright illegal activities on our domain or with the resources provided. Should we be under the impression that you are engaging in such activities with our resources, we will promptly take action, and your access to our services will be permanently revoked (alongside any other legal action that might be necessary). If you have any concerns or issues you'd like to raise with us, please reach out to us through our official Contact Page.


All the resources hosted or otherwise distributed on our domain are free! This means that if anyone is trying to sell you any of the resources we distribute, they are trying to run a scam on you! Do not attempt to purchase these resources, instead promptly report them to us! Another note to keep in mind is that all resources we provide are open-source and you may do with them as you please.


Using our resources in a commercial capacity is a direct violation of our IP copyright and we are in our right to pursue legal action against you should such misuse of our resources come to our attention. We are trying to be as fair as possible, by providing a platform that delivers content free of charge, that you may alter and otherwise transform to your liking, but we ask that you respect the time and effort that went into developing these. Hence all resources and content provided comes with a mandatory restriction of prohibiting the use of said resources in any commercial endeavor.

Another common courtesy we ask for is that when using our resources you give the appropriate credit where applicable. We want to continue a healthy and trusting relationship with our users.


By continuing to use this site, you agree to the conditions outlined in this policy. Should you disagree with the conditions of this policy, please refrain from any activity on this site. This policy is subject to change at any time. In case of drastic changes, you may be asked to consent to these new changes. Please keep up-to date with this policy. You have the right to request a dump of your user data that is currently being stored on the servers through the Contact Page.